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Message from the Principal

Dawn S. Parker
Principal of Clearwater

Dear Plato Academy Family,


I am honored to be part of Plato Academy Clearwater – home of the Titans since 2007 where the family environment, Greek culture and team work makes our school unique. Plato Academy’s purpose is to work in partnership with parents; to empower students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically; to challenge students to pursue their personal quest for excellence by engaging them in a rigorous academic program and offering them opportunities to educate the mind, the heart, the body, and the human spirit; to provide a well-rounded academic education in a stimulating environment; and to prepare students to develop, foster, and enhance their maximum potential in all core and non-core subject areas. We believe that each child has an inherent curiosity and a commitment of learning; and that each child has a unique intelligence, level of capability, and learning style. With this in mind, our students will strive toward their highest levels of capability with an education addressing their individual learning styles, thus fostering within them a life-long love of learning Our vision is to be an inspiring, supportive and safe learning community that will foster the education and development of all our students in the 21st century. In this community, led by outstanding faculty and staff, our students will become: A transformational culture in which the institution continuously evolves and grows stronger because each individual is challenged to engage in learning to broaden perspective, and to realize potential; A community of caring and celebration in which each individual’s journey matters, and we celebrate personal growth, teamwork, and commitment to the greater community; A team that fosters the spirit of achievement through a rigorous academic standard-based curriculum, enriched by our athletics, arts, music, technology, and other extracurricular programs; and A family that cultivates an ethos of character development through our deep commitment to educating the mind, heart, body, and human spirit, a focus on the four tenets throughout the entire school: respect and responsibilities, integrity, a thirst for personal excellence, compassion, and intellectual humility shall provide students a heightened sense of self-awareness.


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What Makes Plato Academy Clearwater Unique?

    • One of a kind functional Hall
    • Designated by FL DOE as a High-Performing Charter School
    • Athletic Achievements: #1 in Soccer, Football, Basketball
    • Award-Winning Cheerleading Team
    • Academic Achievement: #1 in Pinellas County
    • EOC Algebra 1
    • Mighty Mu Competition
    • Math Mania
    • Science Distinguishes
    • Community/Social Achievements
    • Recycling Regatta Distinguishes


    What Parents and Students Say About Plato Academy:

    “I am taking Spanish in high school now and it seems to come so naturally because I have already learned how another language works. Plato Academy prepared me for the next level. The school’s excellent reputation seems to impress my teachers."

    - Plato Academy Clearwater Alumni

    “My son graduated in 2011, the first graduating class from Plato Academy. Today, he is third in his class in a large A-ranked high school, and plans on attending a top-tier
    college. The foundation he received at Plato Academy prepared him thoroughly for higher education, and that is a fact.“


    - Plato Academy Clearwater Parent


    Charter School Representative

    The governing board of directors has appointed Mrs. Dawn Parker as its representative for the Plato Academy Clearwater Charter School to facilitate parental involvement, provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions or concerns, and to resolve disputes.  Mrs. Parker can be reached at:


    2045 Palmetto St. Bldg. B
    Clearwater, FL  33765

    PHONE: 727.793.2400






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2045 Palmetto Street
Clearwater, FL 33765
PHONE: 727.228.9517

FAX: 727.228.9518


Enrollment Inquiries, please contact:

Rina Psomas -  727-799-1200 x1012