Why Do Teachers Want to Work at Plato Academy?
    • At Plato Academy Teachers are our #1 Resource
    • Small School / Family Environment
    • Teacher Input Influences School Policy
    • All “A”-Rated Schools
    • Competitive Pay
    • Supportive and Involved Parents
    • Firm Discipline Policy
    • Peer Mentoring and Professional Development Opportunities
    • Smart Boards in every classroom, iPads for Teachers
    • Ample Planning Time / Reasonable Workload
    • Leadership Growth Opportunities









At Plato Academy we measure the success of our teachers in a variety of ways: passion, dedication, professionalism, and continuous increases of student performance. We value teachers as Professionals and treat them accordingly. Teachers do not work off of scripts and are not micro-managed. Rather, because we recruit and retain highly-qualified personnel, we afford them great autonomy in the classroom to have unique instructional methods.To empower our staff, Plato Academy provides new and experienced teachers with a wide range of professional development and collegial peer mentoring opportunities.


High Job Satisfaction:

Plato Academy Teachers Know They Are Successful. Every school is an “A” school.


Plato Academy promotes a collegial, collaborative family environment for its students and staff. Our principals have an open-door policy, encouraging proactive feedback from all interested stakeholders, especially teachers. Our policies and competitive pay scale result in high student performance and low teacher turnover. Student performance increases in schools where teacher retention is strong. Thus, Plato Academy strives to make each of its schools a place where educators desire to stay year after year. If you are a passionate educator who wants to dedicate him or herself to a high-performing school, we would like to hear from you.


At Plato Academy we look for teachers, principals, administrators and other support staff who are dedicated to promote excellence in education. There is no fear of layoffs due to dwindling enrollment. Our combined wait-list is over 10,000. By the end of 2013-2014, Plato Academy will have grown over 400% in just three years’ time.

Please email your resume and cover letter to:
Include the position you are applying for in the subject field.


Current Openings:

  • Extended Care Instructors